Step 1: Register as a New TTCL Customer

You must be a holder of a valid TTCL simcard before you can access our T-PESA Services.

To register, kindly visit your nearest TTCL shops or through TTCL Freelancers near you.

For the Register You will be required to provide:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • An original identification document

Step 2: Activate Your T-PESA Account

To activate your service
  • Dial *150*71#
  • You will be prompted to Create a new PIN (a preferred 4-digit number that will be your PIN)
  • Confirm the PIN by entering the 4-digit number again

Terms and conditions apply.
For assistance please call 100 or visit your nearest TTCL shops


Cash In

Deposit money in your T-PESA account.

Cash Out

WIthdraw hard cash from our agents near you.

Cash Transfer

Send e-money to another TTCL mobile number

Pay Utilities

Pay for your bills and services securely through T-PESA.

Buy Airtime

Buy airtime 24/7 for self or your friends

T-PESA with Banks

Deposit and withraw money from your bank acounts with T-PESA

**Terms and conditions apply.
For assistance please call 100 or visit your nearest TTCL shops


How to become a T-PESA Agent

Requirement to fulfill to become an Agent for T-PESA
  • TIN number of a registered Business
  • Business license
  • Physical location
  • Individual identification(copies of valid IDs)
  • A minimum deposit 50,000

For more details visit any of our TTCL shop


All TTCL customer service centers are agents of T-PESA. See Locations

T-PESA Tariffs


Deposit Cash in your account

To put money into your T-PESA account you will:

1: Go to an authorized T-PESA agent with your phone and original ID.
2. Inform the agent how much you wish to deposit.
3. The agent will use their agent phone to send you e-money in exchange for cash.
4.You and your agent will receive an SMS from T-PESA confirming the transaction.

To send money through T-PESA you must first deposit money into your own account. You cannot deposit money directly into another persons T-PESA account.

Send Money

You can transfer money to any other mobile phone user, even if they are not a TTCL subscriber. To send money you must first have an equivalent amount of money in your own T-PESA account.

1. Go to the T-PESA menu, *150*71#
2. Select "Transfer Money".
3. Enter your recipients phone number, the amount you wish to send and your PIN.
4. You will receive a screen with the information you have entered above. Remember to confirm the name of the recipient . 5. You and the recipient will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

If you send money to the wrong number:
Funds sent to a wrong number will be reversed only if still available in the wrong recipient's account.
Call 100 for assistance

Withdraw from T-PESA

To withdraw money from T-PESA

1. Go to our nearest T-PESA Agent
2. Confirm the agent has sufficient funds for your transaction.
3. Go to your T-PESA menu, select 'Withdraw cash'.
4. Enter the Agent number, the amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN.
5. You will receive a screen with the above transaction details. Confirm transaction.
6. You and your agent will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

The agent will then give you the cash and request you to sign a Log Book.

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