Saturday, July 20, 2019

T-Connect PLUS

Plan Volume Price(TZS) Free Volume (00600Hrs -0900Hrs) everyday
Daily 100MB 300/= 500 MB
250MB 500/=
600MB 1,000/=
1GB 1,500/=
2GB 2,000/=
Weekly 500MB 2,000/= 1 GB
1GB 3,000/=
2GB 5,000/=
4GB 8,000/=
10GB 10,000/=
Monthly 1GB 5,000/= 2 GB
3GB 10,000/=
5GB 15,000/=
10GB 25,000/=
15GB 30,000/=
20GB 40,000/=
40GB 70,000/=
50GB 85,000/=
75GB 100,000/=
100GB 150,000/=
150GB 180,000/=
200GB 225,000/=

* All packages receive free Mail, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

* Terms and Conditions
  • The package is available to all prepaid customers
  • Once customer has subscribed T-Connect Plus will enjoy free bonus to be used between 0600Hrs to 0900Hrs every day.
  • Unconsumed main and free bonus will expire when the validity period ends
  • Customer is allowed to subscribe to multiple bundles
  • Free bonus will not accumulate in the event of multiple subscriptions
  • In case of multiple subscriptions, bundle to be consumed first is the one with lowest validity time
  • There will be accumulation of multiple subscribed package
  • Only Customer who has subscribed to weekly and monthly bundles will be able to access free services such as face book, what sup and instagram
  • Once customer package is consumed customer will automatically shifted to normal by flow charging
  • Once the allocated free bonus has been used up customers will continue to enjoy his/her subscribed package till end of validity

To subscribe dial *148*30# or through Customer Portal
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