Saturday, July 20, 2019



TTCL offers a number of lifestyle mobile value added solutions like IP television via the 4G LTE network and mobile call conferencing via the 3G UMTS.


Mobile Multi Conference calls


T-TV offers television channels via the mobile broadband solution. You get access to television channels using your mobile device and you can enjoy the views while commuting.

Content matters as you get selection of content to suit your need at very competitive rates. It is very easy to install as you only need free mobile application to turn your mobile device into alternate TV set. Of course you will need TTCL 4G/3G compatible device and SIM card to be able to enjoy the solution. Packages and prices have been designed with mobility in mind and hence very competitive


Multi-Conference Calling (CC) is a supplementary solution that adds value to TTCL lifestyle subscriber on both fixed (or landline) and mobile. The solution allows a TTCL subscriber to talk to many people on a single call thereby simplifying social events like meetings for various purposes.

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