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TTCL proudly boast of the best home broadband internet solution with wide range of packages and access solutions. With ADSL TTCL offers unmatched speed, quality and reliability for Home broadband use using your fixed line. All ADSL devices has WiFi capability to act as home gateways opening a range of opportunities for ICT solutions access for home use and connecting multiple devices (PCs, Macs, Smart devices, etc.).

TTCL has added on fiber and 4G LTE access technologies as options for different homes to meet diverse home broadband solutions. Web-surfing, software downloading, online gaming, charting, e-mail, access into corporate networks, and all that you get to speed. You can easily transform your home into an ICT hub and thus capable of doing virtually anything that you do at your office. Faster response time means you can view many content at limited time. TTCL has both unlimited and volume bundles options for home users;


BROADBAND Standard Solution


Your ADSL modem is your home gateway and offers flexible by flow charging. You get access to the most competitive broadband charging rates. All ADSL modems are capable of multiple wireless connections thus the internet connection can easily be shared by home occupants with different devices.
The standard package deducts money from your prepaid account according to data volume that you receive or send on the web. The main benefit here is that you enjoy flexibility on charging based on your budget – even 10 shillings can do a lot online.


T-ConnectPlus is enhanced data only product that will enable user to enjoy mostaffordable, reliable and high speed internet from TTCL.

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With this service TTCL customer get fast unlimited internet connection plans at very affordable rates throughout the month. It follows rolling month cycle which means month begins when account has been recharged.

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